How to Save at the Grocery Store

If you want to keep more money in the bank, look for things you don’t need to be spending money on. Cable TV is usually a big bill you can get rid of, as are those overpriced coffee drinks so many of stand in line for. However, there are those essentials you simply can’t escape. Food, for example, is not something you can just go without, but you can take steps to cut down on your bill.

Use Coupons
It’s insane how many people don’t use coupons even though they’re free to use and, over the course of a year, can easily save you thousands of dollars. There are even those who do “extreme couponing” and end up spending just a fraction of their total amount each time they go to the store.

Nowadays, you can go online to find even more coupons, subscribe to premium services and join websites that will clue you in to virtual coupons that can be redeemed at grocery stores.

Despite all of these options, gathering your coupons each week doesn’t take more than 10 minutes.

Make a List, but Take Your Time Doing So
It should go without saying that you should make a list before you hit the grocery store, so you don’t forget anything, but also because it’s easier to save money that way too. Stick to that list as if you have blinders on and you won’t end up wandering down random aisles and buying things you don’t remotely need.

However, you also want to spend time making that list. Go through your home and the cupboards of your kitchen so you know exactly what you need. Otherwise, you may buy certain items unnecessarily because you can’t remember if you’re out or not.

Never Shop When You’re Hungry
You also shouldn’t go grocery shopping when you’re hungry, even if you have that list. It’s too easy to justify grabbing something to drink while you shop or picking up a snack for the ride home. After a year of doing this, all those purchases will really add up.

Buy Frozen Produce
Fresh veggies are great, but they also go bad in about a week or so and then need to be thrown out. Unless you schedule all your family’s meals in advance and are confident in your ability to keep that agenda, you’ll probably end up throwing out a lot of produce month after month.

This is why buying frozen produce makes so much sense. Even frozen fruit is great because you can make it into smoothies and even add some veggies your children won’t be able to taste.

Save Your Old Receipts
By keeping your old receipts, you can make more informed decisions about your grocery lists going forward. Maybe you spend too much in one area or certain items aren’t as popular with your family anymore. Use receipts to revise your list and you’ll continue to save money.

Grocery shopping represents a large portion of your budget, so it makes sense to adopt the above methods for keeping your spending to a minimum.

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